How to use RNBO to generate claisen rearrangement

How to use RNBO to generate claisen rearrangement

Postby jwkeller » Fri Mar 29, 2019 7:16 pm

The NBO 7 manual is not at all clear on how to go about generating the reacting orbitals, and changing conformations, as shown in the movie. If I can understand that, then I may be able to apply it to my own situation. It must require many calculations, one at each reaction stage, then creating an animated .gif from about 100 screen shots.
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Re: How to use RNBO to generate claisen rearrangement

Postby ericg » Mon Apr 01, 2019 11:10 am


You're correct; a large number of calculations are required to produce an animation for a chemical reaction. The steps are essentially the following:

1. Optimize the transition state, and calculate the forward and reverse intrinsic reaction coordinate (using a smaller than default stepsize). Ideally, the IRC should generate 40-80 geometries across a significant portion of the reaction surface.

2. Perform NRT/RNBO analysis at each geometry along the IRC, produce a digital image of the desired RNBO at each geometry, and concatenate the images into an animated GIF file.

We use scripts to automate portions of the Gaussian/NBO/NBOView effort. But it still takes a couple of weeks for a student to complete a single animation.

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