Problem with NBOView

Problem with NBOView

Postby sridharsahu » Mon May 18, 2015 7:38 am

I am using Window version of NBO.6 program.
I created .47 file and .31......41 files of test job in Gaussian 09 suit using command line;
$NBO PLOT file=test archive $END. Once all these files are created I put them in my NBOPro folder.
But when I tried to run NBOView (using no.3 in NBOpro), it does not work showing the following error
"Program terminated with exit code 0"
Plz help in sorting out the probelm.

Sridhar Sahu
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Re: Problem with NBOView

Postby ericg » Mon May 18, 2015 8:41 am

Here is a response from Frank Weinhold:

If the PLOT files were generated by the ancient "NBO 3.1" code of G09, they will not be usable by NBOPro6. However, if you have a valid .47 file, you could easily generate valid PLOT files by using the RUN module (2) of NBOPro6 (and inserting "file=test plot" keywords at the prompt).

I hope this gets you back on track. Otherwise, please send further details of what job you were attempting so I can try to reproduce the failure.
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